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TOAF60 in Virtual Reality

In partnership with Art Gate VR and curated by Daniel St-Amant and #Hashtag Gallery, TOAF presents a selection of artworks from the TOAF60 roster of artists in Virtual Reality. 

Virtual opening reception: Saturday July 3rd at 7pm

Please join us at the virtual opening reception to tour #Hashtag Gallery’s first collaboration with Toronto Outdoor Art Fair to view our curated virtual showcase with over 30 of Toronto's top artists as we celebrate TOAF’s 60th anniversary and the future of Art Fairs. 

With the rise of digital mediums and technologies for artists, VR has been the fastest growing community that allows artists to share art all over the world but also provide the spatial experience of the work. We are working towards a future where gallery exhibitions in VR become the norm, and artists are able to share their creations all across the world in a more realistic nature with a click of a button. This medium and opportunity was the goal of Daniel St-Amant and Graeme Luey of #Hashtag Gallery, to share and introduce this unique experience for artists to participate in and see the relevance and potential of this new format. 

How to View the VR Exhibition:

1. Visit and select your preferred platform (Oculus, PC, or Mac).
2. Launch the App, and walk through the doorway marked #Hashtag Gallery located in the lobby.

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Daniel St-Amant


Daniel grew up in the Eastern-townships, Quebec, and graduated early from Champlain College with a degree in arts. Daniel later received his BFA from NSCAD University, in Halifax, NS, in 2005. He continued his studies by completing a graduate degree in VFX for film and television in Toronto. Daniel continued to pursuing his interest in digital media and has since been an active digital artist working on major feature films such as Avengers and successful television shows like Game of Thrones. He Has also actively participated in residencies in Quebec and Ontario most recently in Algonquin Park as an Artist in residence.

Participating Artists:

Richard Ahnert
Amanda Arcuri
Zach Atticus
Rana Baidas
Sylvain Beaudry
Morgan Booth
David Brown
Danielle Clarke
Danielle Cole
Sylvain Côté
Rob Croxford
Julie Desmarais
Parveen Dhatt
Keith Eager

Five Eight
Susan Gale
Baz Kanold
Esther Kim
Janice Kovar
Jorgen Lauritzen
Patrick Lajoie
Jena Laycraft
Gordon Leverton
Kima Lenaghan
Chuck Lewis
Anna Constance Lipowicz
Keight MacLean

Michelle Marin
Shaylah Marsh
Erin McCluskey
Pascal Normand
Maureen O'Connor
Raoul Olou
Peter Owusu-Ansah
Michelle Rodrigues
Dorion Scott
Ewa Stryjnik
Nadiya Svirsky
Sage Szkabarnicki-Stuart
Anne Winter

Public Funders

Foundations & Corporate

Programming Partners