Installations & Performances 2019

Home Birth 

By Chason Yeboah

Zone E Next to The Archer

Enter into a portal of comfort and acceptance. Remove yourself from the pressures of our world. A world where shame is a toxin, one fed to us through social ingestion. Consumed by us, created by us. Once exposed to this toxin the afflicted may heal in 4 stages: The Spewing, The Shedding, The Reflection and The Embracing.

In this installation, we will find 5 personifications of shame in their last two stages: The Reflection and the Embracing. Pass through the gateway into the crocheted womb, come home to the comfort of "The Mothers" who will be placed within to remind us what it means to have shame, and in doing so, embracing who we are as individuals in a world that sometimes strives to strip us of our individuality. Get comfortable and tell the mothers your shame.

Chason Yeboah is an Afro-Caribbean, Toronto-born artist. Many of her works touch on themes of identity, representation, self-love and body-positivity. She is well-known in Toronto for her handcrafted, nude, crocheted dolls called Knot Naked dolls. Each one is anatomically correct and representational of different body types; they come in a variety of skin tones and sizes. These dolls were made to represent the under-represented, and the marginalized, and created to remove the shame from nudity. Some of the dolls you may find in her collection include representations of trans folks, amputees, mastectomy survivors and more! Apart from her crocheted dolls, Chason uses her art and her exhibition spaces as a community building tool; her art booths in the past have been marked as a safe space and she opens the floor for open and honest discussions about body insecurities, representation and the like.

Join Chason for an Artist Talk about Home Birth. 

Art Installation

By Jonathon Anderson

Jonathon Anderson is an Associate Professor of Interior Design and Director of the FCAD Creative Technology Lab at Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada.  He holds a Master of Fine Arts in Furniture Design from Savannah College of Art & Design and a Bachelor of Science in Architecture from Southern Illinois University. His work explores how industrial manufacturing and CNC technologies influence the design and making processes. As a result, the work is characterized by innovative and explorative methods that result in interconnected design, fine art, and technology solutions. From this non-traditional process emerges a provocative, complex design language that visually communicates at varied scales and emphasizes corporeal and phenomenological experiences. To Jonathon, making is not only a practice but a form of critical thinking.


By Anandam Dance Theatre; Choreography by Brandy Leary

Creating a human glacier in the urban landscape, Glaciology evokes the permanent effects of human and ecological conflicts through the past centuries in the wake of colonization, unstable governments, wars and unsustainable economies through overlapping and contrasting these images and ideas with the indelible power of glacial movements across landscapes.  

ĀNANDAṀ creates and presents dance shaped by values of presence and collective inquiry; inclusive of diverse bodies and movement practices; and receptive to a multitude of viewpoints on the dancing body.

Artistic Director, Brandy Leary’s artistic practice is influenced by dance, martial arts, ritual, circus, theatre, and installation, and a belief in performance as transformative for both dancer and audience, integrating practices and perspectives from South Asian and European/North American performing arts.

Brandy Leary creates contemporary performances through the body with an artistic practice informed by dance, martial arts, ritual, circus, and theatre. Her works have been produced and performed in Canada, Europe, India, the Arctic, South Africa and the USA in theatres, urban environments, public space, festivals, museums, art galleries and isolated landscapes. She is active as a performer, choreographer, collaborator, curator and Artistic Director of Anandam Dancetheatre. She has lived between Canada and India for the past 18 years; training, collaborating and creating (both explicitly and implicitly) in the traditional Indian performing languages of Seraikella and Mayurbhanj Chhau (dance), Kalarippayattu (martial art) and Rope Mallakhamb (aerial rope).

Composition: James Bunton                                
Performers: Denise Solleza, Brandy Leary, Hans Wolfgramm, Robert Kingsbury, LoBil, Lara Ebata, Mary-Margaret Scrimger, Jessica, Karuhanga, Greg Wong, Atri Nundy, Rachana Joshi, Tanveer Alam

StreetARToronto Live Painting

A joint project of StreetARToronto (StART), Artusiasm, Civic Hall Toronto and TOAF

Toronto is home to some of the best mural, street and graffiti artists and art in the world. These artists and artworks have transformed Toronto’s public streets, laneways and parks into a city-wide art gallery! PLUS, watch an action-packed live painting performance by some of Toronto’s beloved graffiti artists courtesy of our friends at StreetARToronto (StART) all weekend.

Read about the incredible artists who will be painting on-site throughout the weekend.

Musical Performance by Pantayo

The Cascading Beer Garden by Henderson Brewing Co.
Friday, July 12, 5:00pm 

Pantayo is an all-women lo-fi R&B gong punk queer collective based in Toronto. They combine percussive metallophones and drums from kulintang traditions of Southern Philippines and synth-based electro grooves.

Past notable projects include performances at Vancouver New Music, Halifax Jazz Festival, Nuit Blanche Toronto, Canada150, X Avant Festival, Wavelength Festival; kulintang gong/percussion workshops with Girls Rock Camp Toronto in partnership with Toronto Public Library and at Tone Deaf Festival Kingston. Pantayo has been featured in Noisey (2016), CBC Music for International Women’s Day 2017, a cover story in Musicworks Magazine in Summer/Fall 2017, Now Magazine's Toronto musicians to watch in 2018: Indie Edition, and Vancouver's The Georgia Straight in 2019.

StreetARToronto Photography Exhibit

A joint project of StreetARToronto (StART), Artusiasm, Civic Hall Toronto and TOAF

Toronto is home to some of the best mural, street and graffiti artists and art in the world. These artists and artworks have transformed Toronto’s public streets, laneways and parks into a city-wide art gallery! At this exhibit you can explore, and in some cases purchase professional, canvas and gatorboard-mounted photographs of some of the amazing street art located throughout Toronto. The current exhibit features StART projects by Indigenous Artists and Advisors from 2012-2018, as well as a selection of StART murals created during the 2018 painting season. 

StreetARToronto (StART) is a suite of innovative programs designed specifically for streets and public spaces.

You can see more StART work using the StreetARToronto Map at Each entry on the map features the artist responsible for painting each mural and the stories and themes behind each unique and beautiful artwork. Individually and collectively StART projects are designed to celebrate the City of Toronto motto Diversity Our Strength and foster a greater sense of belonging among all.