Family Fun

By The Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery

The fun and joy of the Power Kids program has moved with us online! The Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery has once again partnered with TOAF online! They will be offering an interactive activity to engage your kids in the world of art, and create some art of their own. 

These FREE arts workshops for children ages 7-12 include an art activity. Tours and workshops are led by Erica Cristobal, Power Kids and Outreach Coordinator and Dominika Gudaniec, Education Programs Teaching Assistant.

Power Kids: Take Flight


In 2017, The Power Plant presented Amalia Pica: Ears to Speak of, an exhibition that reminds us of the importance of listening and communication. Amalia created three sculptures made of cardboard, to-scale versions of concrete sound mirrors built along the coast of England in the 1920s and 1930s, intended to detect incoming airplanes. Whereas concrete reflects sound, cardboard absorbs sound. In this art-making activity, we will create our own cardboard airplanes in response to Amalia’s cardboard sound mirrors.

What You'll Need:

  • Cardboard
  • Scissors
  • Elastic Band
  • Glue (hot glue would be best)
  • Markers (not essential)
  • Plasticine (not essential)

Download PDF Instructions and Template

Watch the Instructional Video Here