Reproduction Policy

Updated November 2017

Only original works of art are accepted into Toronto Outdoor Art Fair (TOAF). Commercial reproductions of any kind are not permitted. General merchandise will not be accepted; this includes branding and gift-shop items.

We understand and appreciate that artists may sell other products in addition to their artworks to support their business online and beyond. However you are only permitted to sell your original artwork at TOAF.

This standard is in place to maintain the values and mission of TOAF, and to create an environment of originality and diversity unique to TOAF. Our goal is to give the public a chance to acquire original art, created by the hands of the artist. You must be the designer, creator and producer of the work to be sold. No work produced or sourced by commercial means will be allowed. Please remember to be as specific as possible when describing the medium of your artwork in your application.

Characteristics of “reproductions” may include:

  • The work is not the product of the artist’s own hand.
  • The number of reproducible copies is technically limitless.
  • All copies are identical.
  • The copies are produced by commercial entities, and the artist is not involved in the process


  • Reproductions of original artworks on merchandise (Postcards, posters, calendars, note cards and notebooks, buttons/pins etc.)
  • Clothing of any kind (if not accepted for textiles)
  • Traditional crafts such as soaps, candles etc.
  • Giclée (Except photography/digital media categories, see below for restrictions)
  • Reproductions of original paintings and illustrations
  • Prints from a commercial printing press
  • Work purchased from an outside source for resale
  • Production artwork in any category
  • Commercial/Manufactured jewellery forms, and kits
  • Work created by kits
  • Decoupage
  • Ceramics cast from commercial molds, unaltered
  • Exterior commercial signage or displays
  • Unsigned artwork or work not using archival material
  • Artwork not in the category in which the artist applied and was accepted

Photography, Digital Media and Printmaking
Since the nature of these media are inherently edition based, they are the only exception. Only limited (25 maximum of the same image in any size), numbered and signed editions of digital, computer or photography based works, will be allowed and must be marked as “limited edition prints.” Methods of creating multi-copy art in limited runs, such as intaglio, lithography, relief painting and other traditional printmaking means, are not considered reproductions. TOAF staff and board uphold the right to investigate your booth and edition numbers at any point during the Fair.

TOAF reserves the right to advise artists of any work that does not meet art fair standards and may take any action deemed necessary for compliance including your dismissal from the Fair, without refund or any other claim, at any time.

If you are at any point unsure whether your work violates the reproduction policy please contact TOAF staff at 416 408 2754 or [email protected] for clarification prior to the Fair; no exceptions will be made on site for merchandise or reproductions.

You fully understand and completely agree with the above terms, conditions and consequences as part of your participation in TOAF.

You fully understand and completely agree that in the event that there is a violation of the reproduction policy that includes your dismissal from the Fair, you will not be eligible for any refund or compensation from TOAF or their affiliates and will not hold them financially responsible or liable in any way.