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TOAF60 Artist FAQ

We will be updating this page as questions come in, thanks for your patience and check back often.

Table of Contents:

Online Fair FAQs

In-Person Fair FAQ

Key Dates

May 15 - Booth Camp Session 2
May 19 -  Artist Roster Goes Live + Jurors Announced
May 20 - Final day to cancel participation will full refund + Artist Spotlight Ads go on sale (limited availability)  
 Booth Camp Session 3 Date TBC
May 28 - Deadline to opt in for the in-person Fair lottery
June 7 - Deadline to have artworks uploaded
July 2-11 - 60th Toronto Outdoor Art Fair. Artwork Sales officially open at 11 AM.
July 11 - TOAF60 ends, but sales will continue online until the end of December. Final Day to update artworks.

Please have your artworks and online profile ready by June 7th.

The sooner your artworks are ready, the better. There are many eyes on the website way before the event. As soon as we announce the artist roster on May 19th, we have thousands of visitors coming to the website to build their wish lists and browse who they would like to purchase from. The more ready your profile and selection of artwork is, the better your exposure and chance of sales will be. We also have curators who will be building curated collections that will be featured in the TOAF Newsletter and on social media - if your artworks are uploaded and ready, they will be able to choose from those artworks.

Toronto Online Art Fair

What is included in the Online Fair Package?

  • 10 Day Online Art Fair - July 2-11, 2021 where artists can sell their work via TOAF’s website*
  • 10% administrative commission for all artworks sold through TOAF platform (Applies during the 10 days Fair, after which it will increase to 15%).
  • Eligibility for our Awards Program ($40,000 cash and in-kind) and Gift of Heart Program ($36,000 in artwork sales raised last year).
  • Access to loyal collectors and followers (44,000 unique website visitors + 800,000 page views from May 1 – July 31, 2020) through our proven online artworks sales platform
  • Extensive Marketing Campaign including coverage like: CP24, Breakfast Television, The Globe & Mail, Canadian Art, Designlines Magazine, NOW Magazine, ClassicalFM, Zoomer Radio, (including expanded marketing campaign to celebrate TOAF's 60th Anniversary, supported by the Ontario Cultural Attractions Fund)
  • Direct Promotion to TOAF 33.5K + social media followers and newsletter subscribers
  • Professional Development - Online Booth Camp Webinars focused on how to get started on and grow your success through an online platform
  • Digital Programming including Instagram studio tours, artist talks, online curated collections
  • A sense of community - A dedicated Facebook Group just for artists
  • Artist Profile + gallery of remaining artworks for sale on TOAF website and ecommerce platform for 5 months (July 2 - December 31, 2021**)

*Active Promotion of artworks and artists will take place during the 10 day online art Fair only. After the 10 day Fair only your remaining artworks will be available for sale (optional)
** A 15% administrative commission will apply beginning July 12, 2021. Please read the online Fair terms and conditions for full details.

How can I get started for the online Fair?

  1. Read the Terms & Conditions and Reproduction Policy page carefully. Make sure you understand the rules
  2. Watch the video tutorial or read the instructions on how to update your profile and gallery of artworks
  3. Attend Booth Camp or watch the Booth Camp recordings
  4. Join the TOAF Facebook group
  5. Review the Artist Resources webpage
  6. Make sure your TOAF profile and online gallery are ready before June 7th (the artworks will not be available for sale until the online Fair is live on July 2nd)

Social Media and Self Promotion

Does participating in the online Fair mean I need to have my own website or social media accounts?

No, you do not need to create your own website. The platform is accessible for artists who don't have their own website or e-commerce, we can sell and process payments for your artworks through the TOAF website. We highly recommend promoting your participation in TOAF via your social media channels if you have them, but it is not a requirement to participate.

What is an Artist Spotlight Package?

The Artist Spotlight Packages offer a unique opportunity for guaranteed and direct exposure to TOAF’s reach of 24,000 – an engaged audience across Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube – before and during the Fair. We offer 3 packages with prices ranging from $125 - $350. These spotlights are very limited in quantity and available on a first-come, first-served basis. Spotlights will go on sale on May 20, 2021 at 12 PM EST. An email will be sent to you at that time with a link to purchase.

I wanted to purchase a Spotlight Ad but it’s sold out! What now?

We are working on a robust marketing and PR campaign for the 60th Anniversary of TOAF, amplified by an Ontario Cultural Attractions Fund grant and Google Ads grant.  Our focus is on getting as much traffic to the online fair as possible and getting artists access to our loyal followers, but please understand our limitations as a small staff.  We do not have the capacity to feature all 400+ artists on our social media in just a few short weeks We recommend you to tag @torontooutdoorart and add #toaf60 to each of your posts!

If you want to learn more about TOAF’s Marketing plan, and how you can best promote yourself and your artwork, please watch the Booth Camp Session 2 recording.

I paid for the Spotlight Package, when will I get featured on TOAF social media?

The feature schedule is determined by TOAF. We will let you know when to expect to see your post once you have submitted all of your content. We will also tag you in the social media post when it is published. Please stay tuned at @torontooutdoorart

Please direct all Spotlight Ad questions to Wing Lam Leung at [email protected]

Artwork Rules

Should I tag my artwork?

Yes, you should tag your artwork, so it is easier for buyers to find your artwork. However, Don't tag your artworks with subjects that aren't relevant or are minor to that particular piece. It is subject matter. Your tags should focus on the main concept of the artwork only.

Definition of the subject:

Still life- a painting, drawing or photography of an arrangement of objects, typically including fruit and flowers and objects contrasting with these in texture, such as bowls and glassware.

Canadian- Originating from the geographical area of contemporary Canada.

Toronto- The artwork is related to Toronto, the ideas come from/based in Toronto.

Can I sell prints, merchandise or reproductions of my work on the TOAF online platform?

No, you can only post original works for sale on the TOAF platform. Please read our Reproduction Policy for reference.

Can I sell work that is different from the work I was juried in for?

The artworks you upload for sales must be consistent (in terms of medium, subject matter and style) with the artworks that the jury accepted you for. If you applied in two categories and were only accepted in one, you must only showcase works in the category you were accepted for. For full details please read the Reproduction Policy.

How many artworks can I put in my gallery for sale?

You can have only 10 artworks for sale at a time. If one is sold, it can be replaced with a new artwork during the 10 days of the Fair only. DO NOT upload more than 10 artworks at a time. Only 10 artworks will be published for sale at one time regardless, so having more pieces uploaded that are unavailable is confusing to the buyer who may wish to purchase the work but can’t. Please delete any extra pieces ASAP or TOAF will delete and publish pieces at our discretion.

Does my work have to be for sale or can I show pieces that have already been sold for reference?

It is not mandatory to put your artwork for sale on the TOAF platform. You are welcome to show samples of works that have been sold as long as you mark them as ‘not for sale’ when uploading to prevent visitors from buying them. You will still be eligible to win awards and can instead use this as an opportunity to connect with collectors for commissions. Artworks that are listed as ‘sold’ or ‘not for sale’ will still count towards your total of 10 pieces.

I am a photographer. Can my work be available to print on demand?

Yes. You can offer print on demand if you’d like to. Just make sure it is very clear in the written artwork description that it is printed on demand, and the approx timeline for the delivery/creation of the work. You should also note the size that it will be printed in relation to the price of the artwork you have put.

What if I already sell artwork via my own website or other sales platform?

You are welcome to link your own e-commerce websites if you wish. However, links to third-party e-commerce platforms are not allowed. If you have your own website you can simply link your listed artwork directly to your own website. The video tutorial explains how to list an artwork via an external website. If linking to an external website you must link directly to a product for sale, not just your website homepage or social media. You would have to link to the specific piece in your shop, or even better to the check-out link for that piece. You should not be linking just to your general home page. Think about it this way - how can I make it as easy as possible for the buyer to purchase? The ‘Buy Now’ button should link to somewhere where they can put in their credit card info to make it as easy as possible. The fewer clicks, the more likely they are to buy! URLs that do not link directly to a check-out button will not be allowed.

Can I upload more than one image of each artwork?

Yes! In addition to a great documentary-style photo of your work, you can offer multiple views of your work, a zoomed in or close-up photo of detail or texture you’d like to emphasize, as well as a picture of the work in context. Here are some suggestions of wall art visualizer apps that can help you provide a better sense of your artwork look on the wall. (See the Top 10 Wall Art Visualizer Apps list below). All pictures should be of the same artwork. Do not showcase multiple artworks in one artwork listing.

Can I change the order that the artworks are listed in?

No, the "Primary" image appears first. Then the rest are organized by title, ascending. A work around is to number your work 01, 02, 03 etc. before the titles.

If I have more than 1 piece that is the same, do I need to upload it separately?

Yes, you need to upload it separately. For example, you have a limited edition of artwork to sell, once you sell, you need to upload the new piece with the same image and description, and change the number of editions to the remainder. (During the 10 days Fair)

Do I have to delete pieces once they have sold?

No, once a piece has sold on the TOAF platform, it will be marked as 'sold' automatically and you do not need to delete it. You can upload a new artwork right away during the 10 days Fair, but please allow TOAF 24 hours to publish the artwork for sale and make the buy button active. If you have sold an artwork on an external website, you must return to your TOAF page and mark it as sold and upload a new artwork.

Does my work have to be hang-ready/framed?

Preferably yes. Whether the work is framed or not, please make sure to include this information in the artwork description so the buyer is aware of exactly what they are purchasing.


Will additional taxes be charged on top of the artwork price at check out?

No, TOAF does not collect taxes on artworks at check out. We will only charge the amount you indicated when uploading the artwork. If you need taxes to be collected, please include that in the price of the artwork when uploading the piece.
Please fill out the TOAF tax form and review Artist Resources list section about taxes.

Gifts of Heart

I’m an artist, can I donate my art to Gifts of Heart? Can I donate my art to a frontline worker? 

No. Gifts of Heart is intended to give thanks to frontline workers while also supporting artists with direct sales. For that reason, we are only accepting cash donations at this time to go towards gift cards for frontline workers to purchase art from TOAF60 artists. If you would like to contribute to spreading the love of Gifts of Heart, word of mouth goes a long way. Please consider sharing the initiative with your friends and family to raise awareness and donations for the campaign. Download the Gift of Heart sharekit.
If you are a TOAF60 artist, consider listing a work of art around the $250 price range on the TOAF website so it can be tagged in the Gifts of Heart Collection for frontline workers to purchase with their gift cards.

I've listed artworks for sale on my own website, not through TOAF. What should I do if a frontline worker wants to purchase my work using their gift card?

Only artworks listed on the TOAF platform can be purchased using a gift card (it must go through the TOAF check out). All artworks purchased with a Gifts of Heart gift card by a frontline worker will not have any commission deducted (up to $250 or remaining gift card value). If you'd like, you can choose to change your artwork from 'sell externally' to 'sell via TOAF' so that the frontline worker can purchase it with their gift card. If after the Fair, you can email us and we can change it for you.

For any questions related to the Gifts of Heart campaign, please email us at [email protected].

Artist Payout

See further explanation in terms.

How does the payment transaction process work?

When a buyer makes an artwork purchase, the money will be transferred to TOAF Shopify account. For artwork sales that take place July 2-11, 2021 payouts will be processed at the end of July 2021. Your profit of sales (minus 10% commission) will be paid to you by email transfer to your banking email collected by TOAF. Cheques for international artists will be made out to the legal name and mailed to the address listed in your TOAF profile. It is your responsibility to ensure that your legal name and mailing address is up-to-date in your online profile. If you need special assistance with the payout, please email us.  All artwork sales that continue beyond July 11, 2021, will be subject to an increased administrative commission of 15%, deducted from the sale of the artwork. After the Fair, artwork sales profits will be processed only once per month. 

What if the buyer wants to refund? Can artwork be refunded?

Please read the Terms & Conditions.

Can I ask for a detailed payout breakdown?

Yes, detailed payout breakdowns can be issued upon request after the Fair. Please email us a [email protected] to request a detailed payout breakdown.

Onsite FAQs

What is the COVID-19 Safety Plan for Onsite?

  • All visitors and artists will be required to wear masks while on Stackt property.
  • Daily screening upon sign in.
  • In order to ensure the safety of our volunteers, booth sitting services will not be available this year. 
  • Rental Equipment (tables, chairs, tent poles) will be sanitized between new groups of artists.
  • Traffic: We have to strike the right balance between marketing the event and keeping it to a safe level of traffic. TOAF60 promotions will focus on the online Fair first and foremost. 
  • Disclaimer: Participation in the in-person Fair is at your own risk. TOAF accepts no liability.

Due to the uncertainties of COVID-19, it is still possible that this on site event may be cancelled if restrictions are not lifted in time. Your booth fee will be refunded if the event at Stackt is cancelled. More details here. This event will happen rain or shine - be prepared for all weather. Please read the Liability and Abandonment Agreement for more information.

Will there be overnight security?

No, but the site is locked overnight. DO NOT leave artwork in your tent overnight. However, you can leave displays and large equipment at your own discretion - TOAF accepts no responsibility for things left in booths overnight.

What happens if it rains?

The Fair takes place rain or shine. Make sure that you keep an eye on the weather forecast and prepare yourself accordingly. For more tips on how to protect your work in case of rain, read the Guide for First-Time Onsite Artists in the Artist Handbook Folder.

Are tents waterproof?

Pop-up tents are water resistant but not waterproof. Make sure that you bring a protective tarp (preferably white) or heavy plastic sheeting to protect your work and to avoid damage in the event of rain. Be sure that there are no gaps between the roof of the tent and the fabric walls. Pool noodles of hula hoops work great when inserted into the corners of your tent, to keep the roof tight and allow rain to slide right off instead of pooling and causing damage. Ponchos, pool noodles etc. will be available for sale at the Higgins pop up shop during the Fair.

What types of displays am I allowed to use?

For 2021, your tent, fabric tent walls and weights will be included in your Booth Fee. For artists who need to hang artworks, you will need to bring or rent Grid Walls (for artworks lighter than 15 lbs per wall) or Booth Fencing (for artworks heavier than 15 lbs per wall) from our third party provider Higgins Event Rentals. You are welcome to bring your own table and chairs, or rent them from Higgins Event Rentals. For safety reasons, custom-built displays are not permitted, and they will be removed from the site and no refund will be issued to you. The only exceptions are stand-alone jewellery display cases and sculptors, ceramicists and glass artists using plinth displays. If you are unsure, please send a photo to staff for approval.

Does TOAF take a commission for in-person artwork sales at stackt?

No, artists processing payments via their own payment processing systems or card readers in-person at stackt do not have to provide any commission to TOAF. Only artwork sold via the listed in your TOAF online profile and sold via the TOAF checkout will have a 10% administrative fee deducted from your payout.

Can I park my car on site at stackt?

No parking for vendors will be available onsite during the Fair. You are welcome to drive in to load in your artwork in the morning, but you cannot leave your vehicle unattended and your vehcile must be removed by 10:45 AM at the latest. stackt is accessible by car, public transit, bicycle and foot. Put "28 Bathurst St" in your favourite map app and let it tell you how to get here and where to park.

How do I process payments for artwork sales in person?

Cashless transactions are HIGHLY encouraged. You must provide the ability for visitors to pay by credit card. Look into payment processing like Square or Stripe.

Am I allowed to bring and sell artist cards and/or prints in my booth?

Only original works of art are accepted into the Fair, all works must be hand-made by the artist and general merchandise is not allowed.  Please make sure you review our Reproduction Policy thoroughly, as no exceptions will be made on site. Each artist has signed and agreed to it as part of their participation in the Fair.

For more information on the in-person Fair at Stackt, please read the Liability and Abandonment Agreement.

For more helpful advice see our Artist Resources page and watch the Booth Camp Videos.

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