Anatomy of a Square

Anatomy of a Square

Felix Kalmenson

Toronto Outdoor Art Fair
Nathan Phillips Square
September 18-20, 2015


Anatomy of a Square explores how a public square functions within the urban, legislative, and social context of the city. What are the parameters that define it and how have these conditions come about? In this work Kalmenson adopts the bylaws that govern the legitimate use of the square as a script in which he’ll perform as a speech for those present. After a day of performances this speech will be recorded and played back on loop from a speaker on the podium.

About Felix Kalmenson

Felix Kalmenson is a Toronto-based artist with a practice in installation, video and performance. His work is concerned with the mediation of histories and contemporary narratives by political, institutional and corporate bodies and how innovations in the field of communication serve to redefine publicness, sovereignty and power. Kalmenson has exhibited in galleries, museums and artist-run centres in Canada and internationally, most recently at Aomori Contemporary Art Centre (Japan), Minsheng Museum of Art (China), and Pari Nadimi Gallery (Canada). He is a board member of 8 Eleven and NoYo International Artist Residency and is represented in Canada by Pari Nadimi Gallery.