Beer Garden by Henderson Brewing Co.

Cascading Beer Garden – a la Rome’s Spanish Steps

We are thrilled to let you know that we are turning the beautiful stage on Nathan Phillips Square into a cascading beer garden – the first in the city. Imagine Spanish Steps in Rome where you watch the world go by as you take a sip of your iced cold drink – only better! You will be watching the city's best artists, showcasing a stunning array of artworks for you to enjoy and buy! #buyartdrinkbeer

We have partnered with the award Winning Toronto brewery, Henderson Brewing Co. to bring you the best and most creative craft beer experience on the square.

Henderson Brewing is all about Toronto’s soul and history. They celebrate the stories and culture of our city through their beers by using creative recipes to bring the history, characters, and locations throughout the city to life.

They will be telling the story of the legacy of Toronto Outdoor Art Fair through a special brew, Radicle Wheat, crafted exclusively for our 55th anniversary. 

Below is the story behind Radicle Wheat : 

The radicle is the first part of a seedling to emerge from the seed. And so our Radicle Wheat brings together the collaborative efforts of an emerging artist, Nicole Moss, Winner of 2015 Best of Drawing & Illustrating, and two emerging brewers in celebration of this milestone anniversary. The Exhibition has been launching artists' careers for over half a century. Notable artists such as Ken Danby, David Blackwood, Joanne Tod, Jennifer Stead and Harlan House exhibited here during early stages of their careers - and last year Nicole Moss did the same.

Nicole created this original piece of art to represent the Exhibition, combining art, nature, the city, and fun.  She notes: “I wanted to include Murray Koffler, as he has kick started many artists' careers with this exhibition. There is a paint splatter covering some of his face, showing that his vision of the arts in a public space has come to life. There are numerous paint splatters all over the collage to represent how the artists take over Nathan Phillips Square for this event.”

We hope you will agree that this Radicle Wheat is a work of art in its own right, and we thank our own emerging artists Jeff Kaldma and Jeremy Moore for this delicious composition. Made with Prairie wheat and Belgian yeast, this beer is a tasty midsummer treat with hints of coriander and orange peel and a crisp, tart finish.

Contest – Brew your own Best! 

Are you interested in designing a custom beer to your preferred style with a Henderson brewer?

You have a chance to come into the brewery for a tour and to brew the beer with a Henderson brewer (allow 4 hours). You will be presented with two cases of the custom beer when its finished two weeks later! Enter to win at the Information Booths