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Thank you to our generous donors and supporters.

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Together with our passionate circle of donors, loyal patrons, and community partners who support our mission and our awards program, we can confidently say that we have launched the careers of thousands of promising artists over the last 58 years. Our heartfelt thanks to all of you.  

Last updated on July 3, 2020

Pioneers' Circle

The Rudolph P. Bratty Family Foundation
Lindy Green Family Foundation - Lead Supporter of Art Encounters Program
Murray & Marvelle Koffler
The Koffler Family Foundation
Brett Ledger & Patricia Olasker
Judy M. Matthews

Patrons' Circle

Joan Beck
Marian Collins
Charles Collins
Extrudex Aluminum
Green Rock Charitable Trust

Friends of TOAF

Alex Ciappara
Judy Harquail
Valérie Lockerbie
Robert K. E. Mitchell
Jini Stolk

Gifts of Heart

Above & Beyond

Sonia Bjorkquist
Abigail Bueno
Alex Ciappara
Charles Collins
House of IDEA
Marian Collins
Megan Deeks
Harry Enchin and Susan Friedrich
Dana Gray & Matt Fullbrook
Chung-Im Kim
Brett Ledger & Patricia Olasker
Gail Misra
Jini Stolk
Margie Zeidler (In honour of the artist John (Jack) Brown)


Patricia Adjizian
Anonymous (9) 
Art and Objects Inc.
Rana Baidas
Curtis Barlow
Joan Bosworth
David Brown
Lia Bruschetta 
Helen Chisholm
Tim Clark
Rebecca Coke 
Marian Collins
Shelley Crawford
Creative Union Network
Jacques Descoteaux
Behnaz Djabarouti
Melanie Egan
Cielia Ferrugia
Shachin Ghelani
Jennifer Ginder
John Gladki
Kasia Gladki
Bonnie Good
Eti Greenberg
Ania Harmata
Lynda Hill
Shana Hillman
Ritua Khana
Linda Lapointe

Nina Lester and Larry Lowenstein
Alan Meisner
Chris Mitchell
Maureen Morris
Vera Nunes
Ontario Arts Foundation
Propeller Coffee Company 
Judy Josefowicz
Mary Kainer
Lila Karim
Stella Kokoros
Carey O'Connor
Jane Perdue
Cassandra Popescu
Tiffany Pratt
Mary Roberts
Matt Ryan & Evelina Tofil
Paul Sandor
Judith Scolnik
Julian Sleath
Margaret Stawicki
Sandra Stephens
Jini Stolk (In memory of Rick Wink)
Dan Surman
The Japanese Paper Place
Judith Tinkl
Tropic Love Concessions
Amy Tsai (Fit & Fierce Over 40)
Tucker's Pottery Supplies
Robyn Wilcox
Joyce Zemans 

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