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Gesturing at the Divine

Curated by Kristen Sison

I love witnessing collaborations with our more-than-human kin -- honouring the medicine of Snake, Spider, Rock. Reclaiming the aliveness of the mythic world, which is really a dimension of Spirit we are remembering to See. I honour beauty as a pathway to transcendence. Becoming present with the everyday mundane to tap into joy! Guides are alive through the Trees, in the meandering River. Flowers know the way. The moss tells the Story. The invisible made visible, artist as channel for the divine, circling back to ceremonial ways of being. Landing Wiser on Earth again, we trust that there are many pathways to return Home.

Kristen Sison is a diasporic Filipinx woman practicing community choreography as an artist-healer, storyteller, + book witch. She serves community by creating youth-led education spaces that re-imagine how we teach about climate justice — from Conscious Minds Co-operative, and most recently through a 3-month climate leadership program Rooted and Rising. In June 2021 she released It's Bigger Than All Of Us; a ritual object, workbook, and community archive that reflects the process of claiming self-sovereignty within our bodies, while deepening our relationship with Spirit. She's also a founding member of Kapwa Collective, a mutual support group of Filipinx-Canadian artists, critical thinkers, and healers based out of Tkaronto. @bonesthrown

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