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Earthly Connections

Curated by Crystalynn Tarr

Every day we are graced with gifts from creation and to record them is a way to pause and give thanks, taking time to be aware of our chaotic surroundings. Each colour used, each subject painted, printed, woven or sculpted, each idea explores is an acknowledgement of the intricate beauty that is around us. The tapestry of life, in which we are a part, is woven in the earth around us. The fungi and decay play integral roles in our well-being; water and plants sustain us and all together they make us stop and marvel at the earth’s gifts, unexpected and undeserved. The earth silently wooes all of us into life.

Crystalynn Tarr began her career painting in acrylics but with the desire for treading lightly on the land, she felt compelled to shift from purchasing plastic based, industrial coloured paints to soil based watercolours. It was a transition fraught with many experiments, failures and a lot of research in traditional painting methods.
Her work seeks to convey a deep sense of place; from the medium used to the subject matter. The process forces her to slow down, take time and watch the wonder of creation, be thankful for its existence, marvel at its provision and respect it as our temporary dwelling.  Each colour used is rendered from the soil she forages near her home and in her travels, holding her memories in hue and tone. The pigments are collected by hand in small batches and processed into watercolours using traditional methods with deep gratitude and respect for this temporary dwelling. The process is as much part of the art as the paintings themselves.


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