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Community Booths

Every year, we partner with artist-run centres and non-profit galleries to share our platform and showcase an exciting selection of their members. This year, we share our platform with Amazing Moss Park Art Collective, Korean Artists’ Society of Canada, Olka Art, Temino Jewellery, and Toronto Potters.


Amazing Moss Park Art Collective

Amazing Moss Park Art Collective is located and named after Moss Park, in downtown Toronto. Our mission is to see the Moss Park neighbourhood reinstated as a hub of artistic activity in the City of Toronto. Cultural Vision - to allow accessibility to all levels of artists in a supportive environment. The Collective was seeded from 2004-08 on Queen St East, directly across from Moss Park. ACA Gallery believed art could change the world, founded by Carol Mark. Benefit - to allow support and greater exposure not available to artists and emerging artists. Allows us to open our membership to other area artists located downtown in the most diverse socioeconomic area. There is no membership fee or dues. Allows to engage community artists to support the local community.

Participating Artists at Booth 317:

colour blotsMichael JenkinsAlan MckeeDan Philips, Giselle Silvestri, Michael SillersRachelle SolowayWillow + Wyrd

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Korean Artists’ Society of Canada

The Korean Artists’ Society of Canada (KASC) was launched in 1980 by a group of Korean-Canadian immigrant artists. It was established as an official society in 1992. Since then, it has solidified its place in Canada as a prominent creative Fine Arts group. The KASC is one of the largest Korean immigrant artist groups in North America. The KASC holds gallery tours, art seminars, and annual exhibitions. We promote invitational exhibitions and sponsorships for second generation Korean-Canadians and collaborate on exhibitions with various artists. We adjudicate for children’s art contests every year and we also create art programs for community service and volunteer art education programs.

We have received grants from Federal and Municipal to run Senior Community Art programs (SCGP) and have very rewarding experience. We are in the phase of welcoming young emerging Korean Artists to become a member of KASC. We wish and hope that TOAF will give us the golden opportunity to connect with next generation. 

Participating Artists:

Yoo Kyung Cha, Joohee ChangYeon Tak ChangHoi-Kwon ChoiInsoon HyunHye Soo KimKilsoo KimKwang-Min LeeJongIm LimMiry Cho Moon

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Olka Art

Olka Art is a collective of four professional artists with over nine years of collaboration. They have a strong background and proven experience in large-scale public art construction and installations.

Olka Art is the reflection of the actual society. All the members are working toward their main goal which is affecting contemporary art, regardless of sex, gender or boundary. 

Teamwork is what makes them stronger and sets them apart. Their skills are complementary in most cases, as well as overlapping.

They are all involved in every piece of art produced by the collective. From the idea to creation and installation. The percentage of cooperation and participation of each of them may be different, but they all participate and occupy all the works equally or unequally.

Participating Artists at Booth 316:

Layla Partovi, Parisa Partovi, Ismail Rezaee, Tania Sedighi

Explore the Olka Art Collection →

Temino Jewellery

Temino Jewellery is an emerging artist group that was created to explore the possibility of handcrafting jewellery. Rainy Zhang, Yiwei Zhang and Hubert Bao are the core goldsmith/designers, they each graduated from George Brown College Jewellery Arts program.

With their background, they are able to combine different elements and different cultures into their jewellery and jump out of the jewellery design we all know.

Participating Artists at Booth 315:

Hubert BaoRainy ZhangYiwei Zhang

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Toronto Potters                         

Toronto Potters Association, established (1979) as an unincorporated non-profit, volunteer-run association, is committed to the organization and sponsorship of ceramics-related activities to inspire members’ artistic growth, offer exhibition and sales opportunities to members, provide a welcoming environment for newcomers and networking with arts groups. Toronto Potters Studio at Artscape Youngplace, a 40th Anniversary project, opened in 2018 as a working studio for members and teaching studio for community ceramics classes. Their 21st Biennial Exhibition opened at the Gardiner Museum Aug -Sept 2021. Annual Sales have moved online. A quarterly e-newsletter and social media channels communicate activities to the public and the wide GTA membership through and @torontopotters.

Participating Artists at Booth 318 - 319:

Barb Banfield, Jacquie Blondin, Carolynn Bloomer, Susan Card, Aneela Dias D’Sousa, Liz Durden, Silvana Michetti, Brenda Nieves, Andrea Poorter, Natalie Waddell, Peidi Wang

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