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Bob Rumball Canadian Centre of Excellence for the Deaf

It is the mission of the Bob Rumball Organizations to provide care and opportunities in a communication–rich environment that enhances the quality of life of those we serve.  

“Our message is a simple one, 'Make a difference in someone’s life by making tomorrow better than today' ”. Our services to our community began in 1956 in the lobby of the Evangelical Church of the Deaf on Wellesley Street and that desire to make a difference is just as strong now as it was then.  We are not done. As we reach out across the country, we will overcome many challenges and break through countless obstacles. We will meet the needs of those we serve. One person at a time, one life at time.”

Our participation in TOAF enables Deaf Artists to become independent and show their skills and abilities so that the hearing world can see that DEAF CAN do anything. 

Visit the artists at Booth E314 at Nathan Phillips Square July 15 - 17!







Maryam Hafizirad is a Deaf Canadian Persian painter and sculptor. Graduate of Isfahan University of Fine Arts (2002) with her first exhibition at age 18 in Iran, her award-winning exhibitions have been featured in Iran, China, Germany, Malaysia, India & Canada. Maryam’s Persian classical early works were dark in subject and colour with women’s faces and bodies 

forbidden. When she moved to Malaysia and settled in Canada, her work transformed. She began painting bright Persian and De’VIA metaphors (acrylic, crushed coloured glass and watercolour) - pomegranates (symbols of hidden love released) fish in water (sincere human beings in her silent world of pure beauty) and birds (embodying her newfound freedom in this country). The third phase of her work fuses these symbols in large mixed-media installation experiences with ceramic, colourful, glazed sculptures, handshapes and large eyes affirming her Deaf identity, graceful language, quiet strength and life itself. 

Her hard work as an award-winning international artist, art teacher and student of art and De’VIA has earned her the opportunity to be mentored and serve as curator of Deaf artists and De’VIA artwork at the Bob Rumball Canadian Centre of Excellence for the Deaf for Toronto Outdoor Art Fair.

Loren Djakep

I am an emerging Deaf artist from Cameroon, Africa and moved to Toronto, Canada in 2018. I did African bead work in Africa in connection with African dance and drumming ceremonies and performances. With my family’s help, I was also self-taught how to draw and sketch using colored pencils. When I moved to Canada in 2018 I learned linocut design techniques from my Deaf artist teacher I learned sign language along with multiple art techniques such as creating acrylic, watercolour, pastel and pencil drawings. One of my art pieces was selected by the Deaf Ontario Foundation for the Deaf Ontario 2019 Community Calendar. In 2019 and 2020, as I became very passionate about linocut techniques, I started and carried on with creating linocut designs on textile.

1. Letterprinting
8.25 x 11.75 inches

2. Collagraphy
8.25 x 11.75 inches

3. Collagraphy
8.25 x 11.75 inches

Samareh Harirchian

An Iranian Deaf artist, Samareh graduated in Fine Arts from Varamin University in Iran in 2009. She moved to Canada in 2017 and joined the Adult Education Program at Bob Rumball Canadian Centre of Excellence for the Deaf in 2018. 

Samareh discovered her passion for painting when she was 10 years old and started delving into Negargari, Persian miniature painting, at the age of 14. She also enjoys working with black pens. Her artwork is currently focused on women’s freedom and equality, topics which she was unable to explore while living in Iran. She often uses water and fish in her work as she believes they are symbols of purity. Outside of her own projects, Samareh loves teaching Deaf children how to paint. 

4. A Blue Girl (2020)
Mixed Media
5 x 7 inches

5. Political Woman and Man (2020)
Mixed Media
29 x 20 inches

6. Blue Girl (2020)
Mixed Media
5 x 7 inches

7. Prison Woman (2020)
Mixed Media
29 x 20 inches

8. Women and Men Aren’t Free in the Politics (2020)
Mixed Media
35 x 31.5 inches


Nivejah Navarathinam

Nivejah is an Usher Syndrome-Deaf artist and starting as a child in a Siri Lankan school, she has been painting for 21 years. She had a rough childhood and had to change school four times a year due to the civil war in her country. Nivejah moved to Canada in 2013 and has been following her passion for art, particularly painting and drawing, ever since. Recently Nivejah has started transforming her artwork into textured tactile 3D painting.

15. Untitled
Mixed Media 
21 x 16 inches

16. Untitled
Mixed Media 
21 x 16 inches

17. Untitled
Mixed Media 
21 x 21 inches

Qi Rong Deng

I am a Deaf Asian Canadian visual artist painting cubist portraits and still life floral works in acrylic and oil.

9. People of the Hand/Eye (2022)
Acrylic & Oil
11.8 x 9.5 inches

10. Hear With My Eye & Talk With My Hands (2018)

11. Untitled
Acrylic & Oil
10 x 6.7 inches

12. Untitled
Acrylic & Oil
24 x 6.3 inches


Ying Quan-Hin 

Born in Canada, I am a Chinese Canadian Deaf artist with autism. 

I paint comics, Animes and Marvels. I love reading and learning about DC Universes and video games. 

13. Butterflies Have Come To (2022)
Oil, Acrylic on Canvas
12 x 16 inches

14. Deaf Superwoman (2022)
Oil, Acrylic on Canvases
16 x 20 inch

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