Close to $40,000 cash and in-kind awards will be presented to our artists

Toronto Outdoor Art Fair’s Awards Program is unprecedented and unique in North America.The vision behind our awards is to create opportunities for artists to advance their careers, provide public recognition and make a significant financial contribution to their practices. 

The Catherine Bratty Award for Best of Art Fair*- $5,500 by Catherine Bratty

Founding Chairman’s Award*- $5,500 by Murray and Marvelle Koffler

The Mayor’s Purchase Award - Value of artwork by City of Toronto. This award brings the winners’ artwork into the City of Toronto’s significant art collection

Best of Student* - $1,000 Marie Collins Memorial Award and Artscape Award - Includes: A residency at Artscape Gibraltar Point, exhibition at Artscape Youngplace, one-year membership to Artscape Daniels Launchpad (Value $4,000)

Best of Painting - $2,000 by Brett Ledger & Patricia Olasker

Best of Photography and Digital Media - $2,000 by Toronto Image Works

Best of Craft & Design - $2,000 by Extrudex Aluminum

Best of 2D Works - $2,000 by Friends of Toronto Outdoor Art Fair

Best of 3D Works - $2,000 by Greenrock Charitable Trust

Best of Ceramics - $1,500 Cash + $1,500 Purchase Award by Aaron Milrad & Brenda Coleman

Emerging Artist(s) by Emerging Curator Award - Exhibition at Propeller Gallery by Megan Deeks, Frances Patella, Charles Collins (Value $3000)

Social Commentary Award - $1000 by The New Regionalism Project

The Power Plant Emerging Artist Award - Annual membership and publications by the Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery

Most Innovative Work Award - $250 by Lonsdale Gallery

Honourable Mention Student - $500 Gift Certificate by Toronto School of Art

Honourable Mention Student - $250 Gift Certificate & Gift Bag (Value $350) by Above Ground Art Supplies

Student Purchase Award - Value of Artwork by house of i.d.e.a

Honourable Mention Painting - $500 Gift Certificate by Gwartzman's Art Supplies

Honourable Mention Photography and Digital Media - $500 Gift Certificate by Akasha Art Projects

Best of Jewellery - $500 by Harry Enchin & Susan Friedrich

Honourable Mention - Ceramics - $500 Gift Certificate by Tucker's Pottery Supplies

Honourable Mention - Ceramics - $500 Gift Certificate by Pottery Supply House

Best of Paper - $500 Gift Certificate by The Japanese Paper Place

Honourable Mention 3D Works - $500 Gift Certificate by Artcast Inc.

*Winners will receive a one-year membership to CARFAC Ontario