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Student Zone

Location: Zone A, Nathan Phillips Square

Our buzz-worthy Student Zone is a cultural treasure in the city with a loyal following. Since its inception, the Student Zone has sparked the discovery of fresh talents for thousands of art lovers. TOAF is known for hosting many nationally and internationally acclaimed Canadian artists under our iconic white tents at the early years of their careers, including Barbara Astman, David Blackwood, Edward Burtynsky, Ken Danby, Rob Gonsalves, Harlan House, Joanne Tod, and Jennifer Stead to name a few. We nurture the next generation of artists through partnerships with leading art schools and programs in the city including the OCAD U Career Launchers Program.

OCAD U Career Launchers         OCAD U GradEx 2022


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OCAD U Career Launchers

OCAD University’s RBC Centre for Emerging Artists & Designers is excited to announce the Toronto Outdoor Art Fair Career Launchers award for students from the Illustration, Photography and Material Art & Design programs. Eight OCAD University artists and designers from the three programs will be featured in-person and online at Toronto Outdoor Art Fair as part of the TOAF Career Launchers. We congratulate the participants and look forward to exploring their artwork at the Fair!

Discover the OCAD U Career Launchers Collection 


OCAD U GradEx Showcase

Location: Booth 2, Zone A, Nathan Phillips Square

TOAF will be hosting a showcase of GradEx 2022's medal winner Aleena Derohanian from the Material Art & Design program at TOAF61. Grad Ex is OCAD U’s annual graduate exhibition. This is the first time ever TOAF will be hosting a Gradex pop-up! We are very excited about this collaboration.


Aleena Derohanian

Aleena Derohanian is a 2022 graduate from the Material Art and Design program from OCAD University. Her current body of work is a reflection on the repetitive nature of UFO sightings and alien abductions stories over the past 70 years in North America. Saucers, abductions, memory loss, lights, and bananas are story elements that bizarrely form a sense of decades-long continuance through individual experiences with the other kind. Her goal when creating work is to make pieces that are able to transform an interior space into one that’s a little more fun, more whimsical, and more ethereal than real life. She uses saturated colours and bizarre shapes to evoke a sense of the sublime. Follow Aleena on Instagram @nuxxvomicaa

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