Promoting Yourself on Social Media

Easy tips for getting more exposure for your art through social media

These days’ social media is a must for any entrepreneur looking to expand their client base. Artists are no exception! A recent article in Artsy noted that 51.5% of collectors on social media have purchased pieces from artists they discovered through Instagram. Follow these great tips from Chelsea McConkey, and before you know it you will be using social media like a pro! #winning

1. Stick to your Favourite Outlet

Focus your attention on only a few social media outlets you love and use the most: that way you can study and implement more successful campaigns. Social media can take up a lot of time. There is no need to try and do EVERYTHING. 

2. Promote what you're doing 

The best use for social media is networking and expanding your reach, promoting your show (or promoting that you will be at #toae2018!), any exciting news, new work you’ve just put up in your online shop, etc.  

3. Photos. Photos. Photos  

Don’t just post links or text.  Photos are the most shared content on all platforms, and you have an advantage on this front! You are already generating quality content with your art!

4. Tag Everything  

Hashtags are a way to describe your image with associated words so people can find your work!  Since images have no real coding attached to them for descriptors, hashtags help search engines cluster images together and narrow down which ones are a perfect fit for it. Check out this great article on How to Use Hashtags on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

5. Start Selling Online 

Sell your art online, as originals or as prints.  There has never been an easier time to start your own customized Shop with a super smooth and easy set-up process. How? with Shopify, the best and most robust e-commerce platform around, and a hugely successful Candadian Start-up that happens to like artists a lot! They are our amazing sponsors! 

Some other websites to use that have a large community base and were created with supporting artists in mind are: