Booth 101

5 tips for setting-up your booth like a pro this summer!

Looking to set-up a killer booth this July? Follow these easy 5 tips and you will have a clean professional booth designed to highlight your art.

1. Transform your Tent into a ‘mini gallery’

Ever wondered why gallery walls are white? It’s simple - it is because white walls are clean and don’t distract from the works. By covering the grid walls of your tent with unfinished canvas, or heavy white fabric, you too can create your own ‘white cube’ in your tent. If you're more ambitious, you can also use thin plywood painted white secured them to the top, bottom, and sides of your tent frame to create your own ‘gallery walls’.

2. Avoid Visual Clutter

Don’t fill your booth up completely. Less is always more. This biggest mistake you can make is cramming your booth full of small works at a lower price point. This often results in your booth looking too cluttered and makes it difficult for potential clients to focus on the pieces you are presenting. Clients who are looking for pieces for their homes are generally in the market for medium to large scale works. Larger works also tend to show best in the 10 x10 space of your tent.

3. Make an Impact

Bring only your best and strongest work! Mount one or two ‘showcase pieces’ on the back wall of your tent to draw visitors into your tent. Choose works that ‘pop’ and catch the eye from across the square- these are usually your largest and most expensive works. Pro Tip: scope out your booth location ahead of time and map out the sight lines around your booth (the angles in which your tent can be seen around the square) to determine where to hang works and signage for maximum visual impact.

4. Invest in Good Displays

Nice professional looking displays are key to setting up a killer booth. Buy display items that are modular and you can take with you to other fairs. Items like, hinged panels, peg boards, stacked boxes, and adjustable shelving are great flexible solutions for making your booth work in any configuration in any sized space. Pro Tip: save time and maximize space by using items like pallets, boxes, or luggage, that can do double-duty as display surfaces and to transport your pieces.  

5. Be Creative!

Your booth should be as creative as you are. The coolest booths are always the ones that visually transform a simple 10 x 10 tent and offers visitors and engaging experience. How do you do this? Personalize your displays! Choose displays and finishings that complement your pieces and reflect your personal brand. Find cool DIY solutions using inexpensive, repurposed, and unconventional materials to take your finishings to the next-level without breaking the bank.