How to Curate your Booth

Your booth needs to stand out! Here is how to design it like a pro.

We asked Jeremy Vandermeij​, designer, marketing consultant, and Executive Director of the Toronto Design Offsite Festival for tips on how to curate your booth at this years' show. Follow his 5 tips and your booth will be sure to turn some heads on the square!

1. Ask a friend!

Find a friend whose work you respect and ask them to help curate your work for your booth. They can help you have a bit more of an objective opinion about your work.

2. Don't over-stuff your booth 

More empty or whitespace in your booth will make your work stand out. Editing and removing content is the key to making a solid brand. Only include your best and most popular work. A single row of works across three walls works best and clean white displays for 3D works.

3. Create an installation  

Do something new for your booth by creating an art installation that makes the experience more immersive and engaging, or by having a local artist hand letter your signage, labels, and prices.

4. Make a splash!

Invite your friends, past clients and colleagues to your booth, for a small celebration, especially during slower traffic periods.

5. Display matters

Make as much effort in the display, placement and hanging of your work as you do at creating the work itself. That doesn't mean you need to overembelish, but it does mean carefully considering the placement and floorplan.  Get a friend with some experience to help.


Jeremy Vandermeij​ is currently the Executive Director of the Toronto Design Offsite Festival and a freelance marketing consultant. He has worked as a designer for 10 years in marketing, communications, architecture, education and interior design and has been art-making since he was old enough to negotiate tools. His experience includes Co-founder of the Toronto Design Offsite Festival, Curator of Come Up To My Room, Instructor at Ryerson University, and Designer at Roundabout Studio Inc, ALSOP Architects and the Design Exchange.