Tips for Selling

Check out these easy tips designed to help you sell at the fair.

1. Be friendly and approachable!

Greet visitors when they come to you booth, then let them browse. Where possible, engage visitors in friendly conversation to break the ice. You only have four seconds to make an impression, so it is important to sell yourself well.

2. Slouchers don’t sell.

The worst things you can do in sit back and lounge in your booth. Try to avoid sitting in your booth. Instead, bring a stool or perch, not a chair, and place it close to the front of the tent. Make sure that you are mobile and agile, ready to stand up and engage your visitors. Bad body language can kill a sale. 

3. Keep those red dots handy

Have sold tags or hold stickers to show that you are selling – this entices other collectors to consider investing in your pieces. When you sell a work, don’t rush filling empty the empty slot.  

4. Put together your own sales team

Assemble a stellar team of friends and supporters to help you greet and engage with visitors, and set things up for you to close the sale  - for example “Would you like to meet the artist?” Your team can also take on the invoicing and processing the sale for you so that you do not lose face time with other potential clients.

5. Always Follow-up!

Serious buyers are less impulsive and put a lot of research into buying a piece, so good client follow-up is key! Get emails of everyone who visits your booth and offer to send them a jpeg  - “I can send you a jpeg of that work” – and then follow up two days later.