Tips for Participating Artists

Find out the essential things every artist needs to know for showing at the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition.

We asked Dominique Prévost, a seasoned artist who has been showing at the fair for over twenty years, to share with us her 5 key tips for participating artists. Follow these tips and you’ll be set to have an awesome time showing with us at Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition.

1. Be approachable and ready to make connections

Have your business card on hand at all times and ask viewers if they would like to be on your mailing list. If the viewers are in group, introduce yourself and the works briefly and then let them browse on their own. People love getting to know an artist before they buy.

2. Less is More

When setting up your booth having less is usually better than having it too cluttered. A cluttered booth can be visually distracting and takes away from your individual pieces.

3. Make it as easy as possible for potential buyers

Have a price list handy. Price lists can either have small corresponding images or each item individually priced. Many people are too shy to ask. Some artists post a short artist statement that talks about their process and inspiration.

4. Organization is key

Have all of your works ready, packed and packaged the day before. Keep yourself organized by making lists and timeline leading to the fair.

5. Recruit Helpers

Most important, reach out and enroll friends, family, or fans to help out throughout the weekend! Having extra bodies around really makes such a diffrence to your experince. Offer to trade an artwork for their time.


Dominique Prévost was born in Québec City and now resides in Oakville, Ontario. She has exhibited extensively in the GTA since the early 80’s and her work can be found in many collections here and abroad. Three-time recipient of the Best Watercolour Award at the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition, she is an Executive Member of the Burlington Fine Arts Association, a Member of the Ontario Society of Artists, a Member of Propeller Gallery and an Art Educator at Oakville Galleries.