Tricks of the Trade

What everyone needs to know about exhibiting at an outdoor event.

We asked Kirsten LaBonte logistics superstarr, to share with us the tricks of the trade for participating in outdoor events. She was kind enough to share with us these incredibly useful trade secrets. Follow these during the show and you'll be showing like pro!

1. Don't Be Late 

In fact leave early, the best and worst part about being down at Nathan Phillips Square is that it is always busy down at Queen and Bay. Allow yourself plenty of travel time to avoid pre-show stress!

2. Zip Ties, S Hooks, and Twine Oh My 

Zip ties, S hooks, and twine are an easy way to secure your art to both grid walls, fencing and even the tent itself. Don't forget to pick these up and leave your space clean at the end of the show!

3. The Art of Wind

Rocks, bags of beads, and other weighted items are a great way to make sure you light pieces of work do not get swept away in a sudden breeze. They also add to the visual display of your booth. I would also reccommend using Museum Putty for fragile ceramics and glass.

4. Contain Yourself

Rubbermaid tubs and ziplock bags are an easy way to transport and store your work. Label ziplock bags with a sharpie to make for easy identification. Rubbermaid bins can be stored under booth tables to allow for quick restock of your displays. 

5. When it Rains it Pours

A tarp or two can really make the difference in a situation of sudden rain you can you quickly cover your displays, remember tents are only water resistant not waterproof. Another nifty trick is to bring hoola hoops or pool noodles. Wedged between the tent top and the frame, they help prevent water from pooling and leaking into your tent.