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  • Catherine Bratty Award for Best of Art Fair

Vanessa Dion Fletcher

Nathan Phillips Square
Booth 291
Vanessa Dion Fletcher is a Lenape and Potawatomi neurodiverse Artist. Her family is from Eelūnaapèewii Lahkèewiitt (displaced from Lenapehoking) and European settlers. She employs porcupine quills, Wampum belts, and menstrual blood to reveal the complexities of what defines a body physically and culturally. Reflecting on an Indigenous and gendered body with a neurodiverse mind Dion Fletcher creates art using composite media; performance, textiles and video.
Disability and Colonialism collide to make a perspective of language that is fractured and politicized. A student of the Lenape Language, Dion Fletcher, works with a small and dedicated community to speak their language. Her writing has been published in Art In America, Backflash Magazine and The Journal As/Us.
She graduated from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2016 with an MFA in performance and has exhibited at Art Mur Montreal, The Queer Arts Festival Vancouver, Satellite Art show Miami.

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