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Tanya Besedina

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My name is Tanya Besedina and I'm a storyteller. I use Porcelain clay to tell my Stories to the World. The inspiration for my art work flows to me from my own personal story, as well as, experiences and events shared with me from friends, family and those I love. As with any story of depth, it takes layers and layers of truth, struggle, revelation, and achievement to complete its arc. For anything that transforms us in life, carries with it the requirement of perseverance and effort. This truth is reflected in my work that I have chosen and the rigorous process of expression that I employ. The passion for Clay came to me in early childhood but became my lifeline during the completion of the Bachelor's degree in Fashion. I'm Toronto based Porcelain Artist. My works was presented on different exhibitions and homed around the world.
Recently my project "Motherhood stories during Pandemic" was supported by government grant
Due to life circumstances I'll not present on the show in person

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