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Saskia Wassing

Nathan Phillips Square
Booth 247
My textile narratives joyfully express the imagined and the fanciful. They are grounded and intertwined with my observations, experiences and memories. My family lives across the globe, I take comfort in celebrating the connections to the people and places that I love and cherish. Birds capture my imagination with their colourful plumage, habitats & habits, often becoming playful characters in my work, the NZ Fantail is a favourite.

My process starts by drawing, collecting my ideas and observations in sketchbooks. I then use my basic domestic sewing machine as a drawing tool. I stitch freely, embroidering onto a layered textile ground, building up with thread the images, patterns & textures that communicate my textile narrative.
I am an artist, designer and educator trained at Glasgow School of Art in Scotland.

Please visit my website for lots more information. Feel free to get in touch with any questions or queries.

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