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  • Emerging Artists by Emerging Curator Award

Sandamali Angunawela

Nathan Phillips Square
Booth 250
I am a self-taught Canadian artist originally from Sri Lanka. I started drawing in 2020 while I was laid off from work during Covid. The overwhelmingly positive response generated after my first social media post made me want to continue and believe in my gift.

I am fascinated and inspired by the human struggle in developing countries and their incredible resilience in the face of so much hardship. It is something very close to my heart as I, myself, was born and raised in a third world country. All my pencil drawings are done using graphite, colour pencils and charcoal. They are in black and white with a portion in colour.

I also love to paint the human body, and think that it is in its’ purest form, when devoid of clothing. I find beauty and emotion in its contours and movements and try to capture and portray this ‘Body Language’ in every acrylic piece I create on canvas.

Contact – [email protected]

2D Works


  • 2021
  • 90 x 123 x 3 cm


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