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Sandra Lambert

Nathan Phillips Square
Booth 256
Sandra Lambert's abstract paintings and collages are characterized by organic shapes, layered textures and intense colour. Her process involves an intuitive exploration of the tension between expressiveness and restraint.

The title of this series, "Fertility Rites", references rituals of the creative process and the potential for healing embodied in the finished work. Painted or inked papers and pieces of canvas have been torn, crushed, cut, or folded and brought together in organic, sensuous compositions. Earthy tones are complemented by intense color, and flat, cut shapes contrast with torn, textured ones.

Inspired by the natural world and its cycles of decay and regeneration, this series is a hopeful testament to resilience.

Free local delivery/curbside pickup (Toronto).
Shipping available.
Connect with Sandra via email or Instagram, or visit her in person to see more of her collages, Booth C256, Nathan Phillips Square, July 15-17th.

2D Works

(sold!) 2. Jewel

  • 2022
  • 30.48 x 40.64 cm
  • $200

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