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Rucha Shelat

Nathan Phillips Square
Booth 276
Rucha is an abstract artist fascinated by self-exploration. Her inspiration to create comes from a yearning to express the unknown within her using colours and mark making. Creating art is both a meditative and adventurous process for her.

Rucha was born and raised in India, and lived in France for over a decade. Her bold works are a celebration of her multi-cultural influences & her deep-rooted love for colours and designs. Creating soulful art is her language to communicate with the world.

These artworks are a part of Rucha’s on-going series named “Espoir”. Espoir means “Hope” in French. This collection is a visual portrayal of how we juggle with the uncertainties of life & invariably aspire to create fulfilling & meaningful experiences. An impromptu single line sets the stage for random shapes that are further accentuated by layers of dripping paint, vivid colours & textures, creating a juxtaposition of defined & undefined boundaries.

2D Works


  • 2021
  • 51 x 41 x 1.75 cm
  • $550


  • 2022
  • 45.7 x 61 x 1.75 cm
  • $450

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