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Philipp Abromeit

Nathan Phillips Square
Booth 13
Philipp Abromeit's current series, Observing the Observer, uses black and white, hand printed images that display predominantly singular subjects who look upon the scene beyond them, aiming to establish a connection between two separate dimensions. Firstly, the printed subject’s relationship with their surroundings, by extension the emotions that are captured within their disposition, and secondly the viewer’s interpretation of the scene as a whole. Working with the idea of loneliness and solitude by highlighting singular temporal moments, his work aims to spotlight the parts of daily life we may often not stop to honour.

Developing this work in the dark room is a crucial part of the creative process, and it's where a vision of the world intersects with the final step of the artistic vision leading to an authentic quality of photos through conscientious attention to every single photo that requires a constant creative and learning process.

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