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Pamela Mingo

Nathan Phillips Square
Booth 83
Pamela Mingo is an award winning artist who lives and works in Toronto. She studied art at York University. There, she received a BFA and was awarded a scholarship to study painting at the Banff School of Fine Arts. Her work has been purchased from collectors all over the world.

My “Nightscape” paintings are based on back alleyways and playgrounds in Toronto after dark. Many were painted just before and during the pandemic. I want the viewer to create their own narrative, which depending on the circumstances, can change dramatically.
And now for something completely different… My “Restrained Animal” series was created to let off steam and introduce some fun into my life after the pandemic. Inspired by enthusiastic dogs heading for the park, (like us during the lockdown) many animals have a desperate need to get out of the box.
Except for cats. They just want you to get out of their box.


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