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Michael Pietrocarlo

Nathan Phillips Square
Booth 241
I am drawn to the mystery of places where persistence defies relevance: forlorn constructs ravaged by nature, time, and the boundaries of ruin. I discover and appropriate these ‘found places’ to explore contrastive themes of transience/permanence, deprecation/sustainment, and abandonment/reclamation.

Beneath the patina of corrosion is the wonder of a forgotten past. My aim is to reveal—and revere—expired purpose and historic significance. Once occupied by multitudes, these spaces now occupy only image and imagination.

I strive to capture scenes faithfully and undisturbed, favoring a wide perspective and natural light. Large-scale prints on metal substrates convey vicarious presence within the distressed grandeur.

My hope in these acts of discovery and documentation is to confront mortality, by illustrating artistry in dereliction, hope in obsolescence, and intimacy in emptiness.

Much more at links below. All prints limited editions.

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