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Mesoma Onyeagba

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My name is Mesoma Onyeagba, born and raised in Nigeria. My life has revolved around art but I am only starting to push the passion I have for it. I represent black women culturally, explore abstraction for the self and depict exuberance as a whole. My work can be interpreted as dynamic, intimate and passionate with fine composition.

Inspirations come from my Nigerian background with the diverse cultures and fashion. I am also inspired by literally anything that sparks my imagination especially when I go out exploring nature, travel, have intimate conversations with friends and so on. I also read about people and how the mind works on a daily basis, including readings about psychology, socionics, articles and eBooks that help me discover my mind as a kind of self-therapy which plays a role consciously and unconsciously in my creative process.

For any inquires, feel free to contact me through email or Instagram ♡


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