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  • Emerging Artists by Emerging Curator Award

Marc Bourgeois

Nathan Phillips Square
Booth 289
Marc Bourgeois’ photography captures moments of flowing or dissolving paint and blends it with human textures in a sometimes playful, sometimes sombre way. Human expressions emerge from a mixture of abstract slurps and splatters. The broader narrative is an ongoing investigation of the fragmentation, identity scrambling, narcissism, disconnection, and reality-shuffling typical of our digital era and its various likenings to a virtual reality simulacrum.

Marc Bourgeois studied visual arts at Université du Québec à Montréal and at University of Leeds (UK), and commercial photography at College Marsan in Montreal. After working as an editorial and events photographer for five years, he showed a first series of artwork during an exhibition called Reflexions, which led to participation in other exhibitions and art fairs.

Photography & Digital Media

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