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Michaelle McLean

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To me watercolour is all about painting the light. The pleasure is when it works and the agony is when it doesn't . I work to find a balance between abstraction and a recognizable image, which is an urge to express how I see what's in front of me, and I love that it comes directly from me and my brain, down through my fingers, and out through the brush. Watercolour painting is a ridiculously unforgiving medium, but I seem to love it's constrictions. Its lightness is very appealing and painters I’ve loved, like Raoul Dufy and Toni Onley, make it look so fine, so breezy, so easy. It turns out mastering watercolour is not nearly as simple as it looks and small variations in paper, liquidity, humidity, brush size, etc etc affect how things turn out. But it has seduced and intrigued me and so I continue. On Instagram and Pinterest as @westoflunch


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