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The Last Supper

Kalmplex x

This is a depiction of The Last Supper featuring Black women. From left to right: Rihanna, Solange, Sade, Ravine Symone (as Judas), Nina Simone, Josephine Baker, Beyoncé (Jesus), Aaliyah, Whitney Houston, Erykah Badu (she actually has a postcard of this painting I personally have to her!), Lauryn Hill, Tina Turner and Grace Jones.
I painted this after Beyoncé was being crucified for her Super Bowl with her positive representation of The Black Panthers.

The work is ready to hang
  • Painting
  • acrylic on canvas
  • 2016
  • 194 x 91 x 3 cm
    76.375 x 35.875 x 1.125 inch

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