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Justyna Dawidowicz

Nathan Phillips Square
Booth 202
These paintings depict an escape through internal landscape of subconsciousness, where the abstract scale and setting of the stones allow a window into a world which depicts both the real and imaginary landscape elements. The stones can be seen as little pebbles on the beach or as huge minerals floating in space. The cosmic elements in the paintings remind us that there are infinite possibilities and freedoms that come with being a part of something so vast and limitless.
The stones depicted in the paintings were once jagged and sharp as a result of the trauma they have received in the past but now they have been smoothed and rounded by time and erosion. Just as our anxieties can be smoothed through the journey of learning as we age and accept not being able to control many aspects of our lives. At the same time there is always a glimmer of hope in the darkest of times. One can choose to move towards that light, depicted in the paintings as stars and lines made with gold leaf.

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