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Johny Pham

Nathan Phillips Square
Booth 215
Johny Pham is an Artist and Illustrator based in Burgessville, Ontario. Pham uses watercolours to tell narratives of life experiences throughout the years, turning them into artworks that are like cover illustrations from book covers, CD covers and movie posters. Pham loves narratives from books and going to the Cinema about once a week. He finds that narratives can bring a sense of self-referentiality and helps strengthen his work. Most of his human subjects are based on himself through childhood memories to the present, but instead Pham creates characters of his own.

Pham is a self-taught artist and graduated at Fanshawe College for Fine Arts Foundation and studied at OCAD University for Drawing & Painting and Illustration Minor.

Thank you for taking the time to view my work, please feel free to send me an email and talk more about my work. I look forward to the conversation!

[email protected]

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