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Janet Panabaker

Seeleys Bay (Kingston)
Nathan Phillips Square
Booth 188
Like many artists (like most people in the world!), I was stricken with gloom and creative paralysis at the beginning of the pandemic. But as an art historian and the maker of glass and mixed media sculptural still lifes that seek to represent our world through the depiction of food and its social consumption, I eventually realized that I couldn’t ignore this opportunity to document the unprecedented disruptions that were happening all around me – and in fact I seized upon the series I showed at Nathan Phillips Square as a life-saving diversion. New pieces and amended existing works strove to provoke a communal catharsis from the disappointment, fear and tragedy we have all experienced during COVID…it was wonderful to finally debut and discuss them with you in person! I've included some of these new works as well as some old favourites in my online items below...please visit my website to see the entire series in order, and contact me for more information.

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