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Imran Jatoi

Punjab / Pakistan
Online Only
Imran Faizyab Jatoi is a self-employed visual artist based in Pakistan. He is postgraduate in Art & Design from Yasar University, Turkey and contributed to number of exhibitions. He will likely to make work that mechanism with closeness and empowers understanding about queer identities.
His recent work is about celebrating the soul and identity. The central idea of the process is symbolize by the South Asian metaphors of lotus. Which paint the path to the enlightenment and celebration hail from the sufferings of that time. How can we celebrate our inner identities when we doesn’t know the hardship of sufferings? It’s like a floating lotus, who becomes the symbol of growth towards enlightenment and immaculate in search of light. The visual outcome is an activism of humanizing queer identities, not making it irritate but making it diverse.
Art, activism & resilience: Montréal 2022
Unfinished: NewYork 2022
Your Own Story: Design Toronto 2022
Pink Water: Cinema Of Nations, Berlin 2021

2D Works


  • 2022
  • 35 x 25 x 1 cm
  • $475

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