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Erin McGean

Nathan Phillips Square
Booth 232
Erin studied Fine Art at York University in Toronto and although originally trained in Painting and Drawing she has been producing analogue and digital collages for several years. Erin is a frequent contributor to Elle Canada and was selected to exhibit at Fashion Art Toronto in 2019 and 2020. She has recently had her art published in Create and Resident Magazines.
“My artistic inspiration comes from my experiences as a women and a strong connection to nature. Using traditional collage techniques, I re-purpose found imagery both old and new, collecting bits of female figures, landscapes, and other items from the nature. Several combinations are tested until a match reveals itself that is visually pleasing and thought provoking. Each collage tells my personal story while exploring themes of Eco-Feminism, using the nude to evoke mythological goddesses and ancient fertility figures while addresses notions of ideal beauty espoused in the media."

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