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Émilie Coquil

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Born in France and based in Montreal, Émilie Coquil works with porcelain and digital photography. A graduate of École supérieure des arts et industries graphiques in Paris, she started her career as a graphic designer before moving to Canada where she studied ceramics and psychology. Through the association of ceramics, lithography and photography, she strives to create a visual experience that is also tactile and poetic. Her work has been shown in Canada, the United States, England and France. In 2021, she won the Ceramics Excellence Award at TOAF 60.

“My work begins with a photograph. Using basic tools and no-acid ink, the image is hand-printed on raw clay. During this delicate process inspired by lithography, I can – and often will – intervene on the texture of the photograph. After glazing and firing, image and clay are forever fused and inalterable. Yet, each unique piece reflects the evanescent quality of an ever-changing reality and the ephemeral aspect of life.”

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