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Corinne Lawless

Nathan Phillips Square
Booth 255
Corinne Lawless is a mother of two young girls and a full time ceramic artist based in Pickering, Ontario who rediscovered her artistic self after a decade of living overseas in Asia.
In 2018, Lawless took a wheel-thrown pottery workshop at the Goodman Arts Centre in Singapore and felt an immediate connection to clay. That same year, she moved back to Canada with her family and established a home studio. By 2021, she had completed Understanding Glazes and Advancing Glazes courses with C.M.W. (based in the United States) which gave her glaze-specific chemistry knowledge to take control of the aesthetic of her work.
Corinne's current Matte Navy collection beautifully produces anorthite crystals.
Follow her on Instagram @dirtyheat where she regularly posts videos of her creative process. She can be contacted there about available pieces and to commission work.

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