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Cherie Harte

Vankleek Hill
Nathan Phillips Square
Booth 262
Cherie (b.1973) is self-taught artist following in the tradition of Art Brut. Harte utilizes gestural painting techniques that juxtapose a character’s complex inner life with expressions of naïveté. Harte's characters stir the rawness of our deepest emotions, beckoning us to connect with our inner selves, and reminding us of our own fragility and strength.

“My work transports me to a magical place where social constructs and labels dissolve. A place where memory and life experience meet my inner child and all of me comes out to play. A place where I can dive in and explore love, unity and the power of transformative work.

My deepest desire is to make the world a more inclusive and loving place. I believe love is contagious and creating art allows me to explore and amplify that love both in and out of the studio!”

Cherie's work is held in collections throughout Canada, USA, England, Australia, Korea, China and Japan.


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