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Biba Esaad

Nathan Phillips Square
Booth 101
My work takes form under the guise of the cyborg body - the hybrid body - the site of possible being. There are a lot of parallels that can be drawn between pharaonic bodies and the idea of the cyborg. A pharoah can adorn the wings of a bird, the body of a human and the senses of a cat. Why can’t a human carry those same secrets?

Working interdisciplinary, I root my practice in a utopian place of imagined existence. On one end, acknowledging the body as a site by which racialized people navigate trauma, while also, using the figure of the cyborg to represent otherness.

During my time at Queen’s Uni, I held the title of Co-Director for my BFA 2019 GradEx, a Vice-Presidency role at the Union Gallery as well as an internship working with the National Gallery of Canada for the 16th Int. Venice Biennale (2018). Following last year’s TOAF, I was awarded The Powerplant Emerging Artist Award (2021) and currently work as a Stylist and Model, alongside my artistic practice.


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