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Biba Esaad

Nathan Phillips Square
Booth 101
Working interdisciplinary, I root my practice in an exploration of an imagined queer future whereby embodied oppressions can be transcended. The cyborg aims to surpass the limitations of an alienating present, coding itself as a kind of disassembled; reassembled postmodern being. By acknowledging the body as the site at which racialized people navigate trauma and otherness, the figure of the cyborg comes to represent a site of possible being and thus, a utopian place of imagined existence.
During her time at Queen’s University, she had the pleasure of holding the title of Co-Director for the BFA 2019 Graduate Exhibition, a Vice-Presidency role at the Union Gallery as well as her most recent internship working under the National Gallery of Canada at the Canada Pavilion; assisting and supporting the activities for the preparation and realization of the 16th International Venice Architecture Biennale (2018). Currently, Biba works as a Model and Stylist, alongside her artistic practice.


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