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Anthia Barboutsis

Nathan Phillips Square
Booth 63
Anthia Barboutsis is an art jeweller from Toronto, Canada. She studied Material Art and Design from OCAD University in Toronto, and graduated in 2021. Anthia's work is rooted in the realm of traditional craft, but often draws inspiration from contemporary art and design practices. With an interest in both history and philosophy, Anthia tends to blend disciplines with ideas from across academic fields, with her specialty in the merging of textile and jewellery techniques to create detailed works of jewellery. Anthia has received the Carol Rapp Award for her thesis work, shown at OCAD's graduate exhibition, as well as, collaborated with Vancouver based tea company, TEALEAVES, to create work centered around the modern tea ritual. Anthia is a gallery artist with L.A Pai Gallery in Ottawa, and has been featured in Heusers Magazine. Anthia is also last years TOAF winner of the Daniel Artscape Emerging Artist award.

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