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Ana Falceta

Nathan Phillips Square
Booth 44
Ana Falceta is an emerging Brazilian artist based in Burlington, ON. She holds a BA in Textile Design from Sheridan College, Canada.

Ana has always been fascinated by the physical reactions that colour, form and texture may trigger. Her work explores the contrast between texture and surface. She creates abstract artworks in a hybrid and varied way, predominantly using colour, fibre and mark-making to emphasize the tension between the opposites. Ana uses old hand stitch practices and textiles as tools to address the encounter between the traditional and the contemporary.
The body of work presented at TOAF is inspired by landscape satellite and aerial imageries. Through her particular perspective, she reveals unusual scenarios only seen from above.

In 2021 Ana was awarded Anu Raina Excellence in Surface Design and 2nd place in Virginia Jackson Design Competition, International Textile Alliance, North Carolina, US.

2D Works

(sold!) Formosa

  • 2022
  • 26 x 32.5 cm
  • $170

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