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Amy Thomson

Nathan Phillips Square
Booth 226
I have been painting since I was about 16. A slow learner but stubborn. I cannot get over the human figure I constantly fall in love with how to paint it. Themes in Romanticism and Baroque have often resonated with me. I am glad to share a millennial sense of torment of the unknown future. I have been fascinated with how the urban areas seem to have a vastness of overwhelming scales of architecture, loneliness in the void of escaping in it’s beautiful entropy. This parallels with the connection to the chaos and beauty within nature that is in the end, an inevitable power.

I love introducing the human figure in this setting celebrating and sharing scenes of joy, shame, wonder, loneliness and connection.



  • 2019
  • 116 x 142 x 10 cm
  • $1,500

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