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Zoey Zoric

I am very passionate about exploring and celebrating the most important relationship, our relationship with our self. During the pandemic lockdown, I have been questioning the impact my own inner voice has on my life, and the impact on those in direct contact with me on a very daily basis.

I believe our greatest strengths are rooted in our own inner life and inner dialogue. Expressing patience, compassion, and even love to our own self can be extremely challenging during stressful times, but these are the times when it needed the most! 

I create paintings that celebrate the power and beauty of this relationship. I shine a light on the inner voice and the power there.

** In Person Outdoor Art Exhibit **
Saturday, July 10th ~ 10am - 3pm
102 Sunrise Ave, Toronto
Also exhibiting, fellow TOAFers,
Karen Taylor & RobCroxford


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