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Toronto Potters

Toronto Potters Association, established in 1979 as an unincorporated non-profit, volunteer-run association, is committed to the organization and sponsorship of ceramics-related activities to inspire members’ artistic growth, offer exhibition and sales opportunities to members, provide a welcoming environment for newcomers and networking with other arts groups. Toronto Potters Studio at Artscape Youngplace, a 40th Anniversary project in 2018, is a working studio for members and teaching studio for community ceramics classes. The 21st Biennial Exhibition opens at the Gardiner Museum Aug 4-September 30, 2021. Annual Sales have moved online. A quarterly e-newsletter and social media channels communicate activities to the public and the wide GTA membership through and @torontopotters Participants 2021: Tanya Atkinson, Barb Banfield, Jacquie Blondin, Carolynn Bloomer, Joyce Borst, Susan Card, Aneela Dias D’Sousa, Teresa Dunlop, Brenda Nieves, Andrea Poorter, Natalie Wadd

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