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Valentin Brown - Hug Your Damn Self

Tangled Art + Disability

Ballpoint and gel pen, alcohol-based markers, acrylic paint markers, and acrylic ink on loose leaf stone paper. Spiral binding holes on left side. Stamped: May 11 2020. In the centre of the drawing a blue humanoid creature sits hugging itself. A hand reaches down from the top right side of the drawing as if to caress the humanoid face. The background is orange and the words “hug your damn self” are spelled at the top of the page.
A voice asks, “Anybody else starved for non-human touch?”
  • 2D Works
  • Mixed media on stone paper
  • 2020
  • 18 x 23 x 0.01 cm
    7.125 x 9 x 0 inch

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