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Vanessa Dion Fletcher -Zigzag in Twenty Nine Parts 08

Tangled Art + Disability

Framed: Shadow boxes- Raw wood, interior varnished, artwork hinged onto acid-free backer, Premium Clear glass, Image of porcupine quill embroidery on paper. The quills make up 2 sides of a triangle while the bottom edge of the paper completes the bottom of the triangle. The triangle is situated on the lower third of the paper and angles slightly to the left. The quills are folded back and forth making a zigzag pattern of yellow and dark brown. The paper is white.
  • 2D Works
  • Porkupine quills, synthetic dye, paper, thread
  • 2019
  • 22.86 x 19.24 cm
    9 x 7.625 inch

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