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Sylvia Galbraith

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SYLVIA GALBRAITH is drawn to some of Canada’s loneliest places, and has participated in residencies in Newfoundland, Banff and Ontario. By photographing the influences of time on the Canadian landscape, she examines our relationship with it - the physicality of the ground beneath us, the stability and constancy of rocks that are millions of years old, the reassurance of things remaining in place. In the present-day strata, Galbraith discovers evidence of a violent beginning; of being ground-down, tossed, or bent. She considers our traditional perception of time; we tend to measure it to the scale of our own existence. But describing geological history in human terms is inadequate and impossible. The timelines are incomprehensible - eons, millions, billions of years - and the scenes as photographed are disorienting. Still, there is also comfort in the enduring solidity of the rocks, and solace in knowing that within the greater context of geological time all is as it should be.

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